City Services After April 31 Order

Contra Costa County Health Services has released an updated Order that allows for certain low-risk outdoor businesses to begin operating again, due to the slowing spread of COVID-19. The new Order, which will go into effect on May 4, allows for all construction projects to resume, provided they comply with the Order’s Construction Project Safety Protocols

It also allows for landscaping activities and other businesses that are primarily outdoors where social distancing of at least six feet can be maintained, such as nurseries and agricultural operations to continue. 

A two-page executive summary of the updated Order can be accessed by clicking here.  

The entire updated Order can be accessed by clicking here. 

Parks and Recreation

The updated health order allows for use of shared outdoor facilities for recreational activities outside of residences, including tennis courts and athletic fields, if users  comply with any restrictions on access and use established by the Health Officer to reduce crowding and risk of transmission of COVID-19. 

Also, sports or activities that include the use of shared equipment or physical contact between participants may only be engaged in by members of the same household or living unit. Several athletic fields in Orinda have remained open during the pandemic, as users have appeared to abide by the posted restrictions. However, the synthetic turf fields at Wilder Park have experienced regular violations of the health order and are currently closed and will REMAIN closed. 

The tennis courts in Orinda Community Park will re-open on May 4, but are subject to closure if health guidelines are not adhered to. 

Because the use of outdoor recreational areas and facilities with high-touch equipment or that encourage gathering, such as playgrounds, park restrooms, and picnic areas, is prohibited outside of residences, these facilities will remain closed in Orinda parks.  

As it appears the health order will allow Orinda Parks and Recreation to offer youth summer programs that enable owners, employees, volunteers, and contractors for Essential Businesses, Essential Governmental Functions, Outdoor Businesses, or Minimum Basic Operations to work as allowed under this order, Parks and Recreation is preparing an array of offerings, all of which must comply with a number of conditions. More information will be available in the coming weeks.