Classes and Programs Currently Offered

Looking to sign up for virtual classes until our normal programming can resume? You are in the right place! We have partnered with several of our beloved contractors to offer you virtual classes! Just click on the contractor name below for additional resources and virtual classes brought to you be the best in the business! 

Kidz Love Soccer - Dribbling session 



National Academy of Athletics


Orinda Kids & Adults - Virtual Karate Be aware of your surroundings, avoid trouble, if you get into trouble – get out of it, if you can’t get out of trouble – get out of it anyway! Traditional Okinawan Karate-do, Wado Ki Kai (style) means “to learn from all things.” Kids and adults of all strength and experience levels learn Karate in a Covoid-19 safe - virtual class room. Students are taught the importance of respect and self-discipline, challenging their bodies and minds. This is a comprehensive program that deals with “street” awareness, avoiding strangers, and self-defense. Classes are on going. Sensei Don Stasenka (4th Dan, Black Belt) has trained and taught Karate for over 20 years. Supporting Black Belt Sensei – Robert Timlin (2nd dan sensei), David O’Keefe (2nd dan sensei), Amy Chang sensei, Andrea Brambila sensei, Alexander Mastroianni sensei, Eshan Thilakaratne sensei and Zac Justus sensei To Register for classes, pleases visit: 

SPRING VIRTUAL CLASS INFORMATION Virtual Orinda Karate -do (4/15-4/29) (W/F. 4:30PM-5:30PM) (Session Code: 3951) HERE

Virtual Orinda Karate -do (May) (W/F, 4:30PM-5:30PM) (Session Code: 3952) HERE

Training Class-5/2-5/30 (Saturdays, 10:30AM-11:30AM) (Session Code: 3950) HERE

Summer Camp Online is offering some free live online kids classes to our residents the weekend of May 9th (including a couple Mothers Day classes you can do with your children).
If interested, please follow this link:  HERE
On the "Courses" page, scroll down and in the course search bar type "mini"  This will bring up the Free Mini Courses.
Don’t delay!  Because these classes are taught live, they have limited enrollment and will fill up quickly.