City Services After March 31 Order

On March 16, 2020, the County Health Officer issued an order limiting activity, travel, and business functions to the most essential needs. This new Order, issued on March 31, 2020 replaces the Prior Shelter Order and will be in effect until May 3, 2020, but that date could be changed by the County Health Officer.

Orinda staff has utilized the Executive Summary of the New Shelter Order as a template in order to convey how this updated order effects City services and operations. It is important for community members to understand that this order has become more restrictive, and also provides clarification in areas of the previous order that were vague.

City staff are asking for the community’s support in adhering to this updated order. If we’re able to continue our efforts in working together as a community, Orinda will assist in slowing the rate of spread in Contra Costa County, preventing lives from being lost, in addition to alleviating the health care system from becoming overwhelmed.

The new Order is more restrictive; major new restrictions include:

  1. Social distancing requirements are mandatory. Unless strict compliance is explicitly waived, everyone must comply with the social distancing requirements at all times.
  2. Before Friday, April 3, 2020, essential businesses that continue to operate facilities in the County must complete, post, and implement a social distancing protocol for each facility that remains open, using the template attached to the Order.
  3. Essential businesses must maximize the number of employees who work from home, excepting only those employees who cannot perform their job duties from home.
  4. Essential businesses that continue to operate facilities in the County must scale down operations to their essential component only.
  5. Use of playgrounds, public picnic areas, and similar recreational areas is prohibited. These areas must be closed to public use. Due to this condition, Parks and Recreation staff have placed signage and cautionary tape around the play structures and picnic sites.
  6. Use of shared public recreational facilities, such as tennis courts, is prohibited. These facilities must be closed for recreational use, for this reason the Parks and Recreation Department have closed the Orinda Community Center Park tennis courts.
  7. Sports or activities that require use of shared equipment, like Frisbees, basketballs, baseballs, and soccer balls, may only be engaged in by members of the same household.
  8. Most construction—residential and commercial—is prohibited. Exceptions are made for healthcare facility construction directly related to the COVID-19 response; affordable housing; public works projects when designated as essential by the lead governmental agency; construction necessary to secure an existing construction site; and limited essential residential or business repairs.

The new Order also makes important clarifications. Major clarifications include:

  1. Crowding at public parks and open spaces has been a problem. The Health Officer, government, or entity that manages the space may adopt restrictions to reduce crowding and risk of COVID-19 transmission, including limiting the number of entrants, restricting vehicular access, or complete closure. For this reason the City has closed the following parking lots: Orinda Oaks/Donald Drive Open Space/Preserve parking closed, and Orinda Oaks Park parking, off of Moraga Road is closed.
  2. Essential businesses must follow industry-specific guidance issued by the County Health Officer related to COVID-19.
  3. Landscapers and similar service professionals may only provide services necessary to maintain the sanitation, habitability, or operation of residences or businesses, or for safety reasons. They may not provide services that are cosmetic or for general upkeep.

If you find and/or observe any individuals not abiding by these conditions please contact the appropriate department and follow-up with the Orinda Police Department if needed.

The complete Executive Summary of the New Shelter Order from Contra Costa County Health Services can be found by clicking here.