Downtown Precise Plan

The future of Downtown Orinda has been a high priority for the community for many years. The Downtown Precise Plan (DPP) is intended to revitalize downtown and stimulate housing production by increasing allowable residential densities in the Downtown Commercial zoning district and allowing multi-family residential developments in the Downtown Office zoning district.

While the DPP certainly relates and builds on the momentum of the recently-adopted Downtown Streetscape Master Plan, better known as ConnectOrinda, its focus is different. Unlike ConnectOrinda, which identified streetscape and transportation projects to beautify and improve travel modes in the public realm, the DPP involves the development regulations for private property. The DPP updates the City’s downtown development standards and creates objective design standards for multi-family residential and mixed-use projects.

Staff began working on the DPP in January 2020 and it was adopted by the City Council on January 31, 2023.

The DPP was processed concurrently with the 6th Cycle Housing Element Update and Safety Element Update, collectively referred to as the "Plan Orinda" project. One Environmental Impact Report was prepared for the Plan Orinda project. Visit the Plan Orinda website for up-to-date information, resources, documents, and more related to Plan Orinda.

Downtown Precise Plan Documents

  • Downtown Precise Plan - adopted January 31, 2023
  • Appendices
    • Draft Objective Design Standards
    • ConnectOrinda Downtown Streetscape Master Plan
    • (1) San Pablo Creek Restoration and Trail Concept Memo (2) San Pablo Creek Memo Appendices
    • Economic Development Feasibility Memo
    • Redevelopment Potential of Downtown Orinda
    • Downtown Public Engagement Surveys

Downtown precise plan - CEQA Documents