Gun Safety

Gun Safety

Gun Safety

The Orinda Police Department continuously works with the community to promote and practice safe gun ownership and firearm safety at home. The Orinda Police offers programs to assist the community in that endeavor.

Safe Gun Storage

Securely storing firearms when not in use is the essential element of responsible gun ownership and the #1 way to help prevent firearm accidents, theft, and misuse. To this effect, the Orinda City Council voted unanimously on October 16, 2018, to approve a safe storage ordinance requiring that “except when carried on his or her person, or otherwise in his or her immediate control and possession, no person shall keep a firearm… in any residence in Orinda owned or controlled by that person unless the firearm is stored in a locked container… or the firearm is disabled with a safety device listed on the California Department of Justice’s roster of firearm safety devices…” The ordinance went into effect on November 15, 2018.

  • Use the find safety devices compatible with your firearm tool from the California Department of Justice.
  • At any time, at an Orinda resident's request, the Orinda Police can conduct a safety audit to look at the various firearm storage/locking methods used by that resident. If you would like a police officer to examine your current firearm storage and/or provide recommendations for safe gun storage, please call the Orinda Police Department at 925-254-6820.
  • The Orinda Police Department offers free trigger locks/cables that can stop a gun from operating while under lock and key to provide another level of safety. Anyone can drop into the police station and pick up a Project Childsafe Gun Lock. Trigger locks are one way of preventing someone from purposely or accidentally using the firearm that may cause injury. Gun boxes/safes provide an extra level of protection beyond trigger locks because guns are “out of sight,” and these devices prevent gun thefts from occurring during residential burglaries.
  • View additional information about firearms safety from the California Department of Justice.

Disposal of Unwanted Firearms

The Orinda Police Department also can receive and take possession of any firearms and ammunition homeowners feel are no longer needed or may pose a risk at no cost. Simply bring the unloaded firearms to the Orinda Police Department at any time located at 22 Orinda Way.

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School Gun Safety Education

Miramonte High School hosted an event on September 18, 2023, where Orinda campus and gun safety were discussed. Please view the School Gun Safety Education slides (PDF).

City and school leaders who participated in the event:

  • Orinda Mayor Inga Miller
  • Orinda Police Chief Ryan Sullivan
  • OUSD Superintendent Aida Glimme
  • AUHSD Superintendent Dr. John Nickerson
  • Miramonte Principal Ben Campopiano

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