Wilder Subdivision

The Wilder subdivision (formerly Montanera) is a Planned Development in the Gateway Valley at the southern end of the City of Orinda. Wilder has a Development Agreement (DA), Final Development Plan and Master Landscape Plan that, in conjunction with the Orinda Zoning Ordinance, govern the development of individual home sites within the subdivision. Construction of new single-family residences in the subdivision is almost complete.

Subdivision Details

The subdivision encompasses over 1,500 acres of land, with home sites clustered within 200 acres in order to preserve the natural, rolling hills of open space and trails that surround the home sites on three sides. The Wilder subdivision contains:

  • 245 home sites
  • 5 community ball fields and a community park
  • A public clubhouse
  • A private swimming and fitness facility
  • An Art and Garden Center for use by the public
  • A network of walking, bicycle and equestrian trails; and
  • Over 1,300 acres of open space

Project Status - Approved & Under Construction

 The Wilder Development Agreement (DA) was originally approved in 1994. On November 29, 2005, the Planning Commission approved the Vesting Tentative Map (VTM) and Final Development Plan (FDP) for the Project. These approvals followed several years and numerous public workshops and hearings held by the Planning Commission and City Council on the DA and environmental review of the subdivision. The Wilder Design Review Handbook is a guide for developers and design teams to successfully implement the home design requirements specified by the DA.

New Home Applications

New home applications in the Wilder subdivision follow a different approval process than other new homes in Orinda. The Wilder Design Review Handbook (WDRH) provides a detailed breakdown of the steps from submittal to approval. First, the homebuilder submits plans to the Planning Department for Conceptual Development Review. The City provides written comments, which inform the homebuilder's formal Design Review Application to the Wilder Design Review Committee and Zoning Administrator. The Zoning Administrator is the final decision maker on Wilder projects which do not require a variance. Projects requiring a variance are referred to the Planning Commission for a public hearing.

Development Agreement (DA) Amendments

The Development Agreement has been amended eight times to date: