General Plan & Housing Element

Outside of Orinda theatre.

What is a General Plan?

Every city and county in California is required by State law to have a General Plan. The General Plan embodies a community's vision of the future and is long-range, comprehensive and general in nature. The General Plan coordinates all major components of the community's physical development and has been referred to as the "constitution for development" with which zoning and subdivision ordinances and specific plans must be in conformation. 

State planning law calls for seven General Plan elements: land use, open space, circulation, noise, housing, conservation and safety.

Orinda's General Plan

On May 20, 1987, two years after the City of Orinda incorporated, the City adopted its first General Plan which is a blueprint for the community's long-term vision for the future. In 2015, the Housing Element of the General Plan was updated following a robust public process. The 5th Cycle Housing Element is effective through 2023.

1.0 Cover and Introduction
2.0 Land Use and Circulation

3.0 5th Cycle Housing Element
4.0 Environmental Resources
5.0 Growth Management

Although the General Plan has periodically been amended, there has not been a comprehensive update since it was adopted in 1987.

Housing Element

For additional information on the Housing Element, including the current and past Housing Elements, please visit the Housing Element page