Police Department

A Message From Chief Mark Nagel

I am truly honored to serve this great community as the Chief of Police and work with men and women who are truly dedicated to keeping Orinda safe. We are committed to providing the highest level of courtesy and professionalism to the community in which we serve. The Police Department also constantly works to utilize technology in order to provide better service and communication in a timely manner. We have established an email address that will allow anyone to provide crime tips and suspicious activity at Orindatip@cityoforinda.org.

Other recent technology introductions include the use of:

Additional Information

To find out more about how CrimeReports.com works, or to register your camera, refer to the What is CrimeReports.com? (PDF).

Contracted Services

The City of Orinda police services are provided through a contract with the Contra Costa Office of the Sheriff. The City of Orinda police department shares the mission and vision statements of the Office of the Sheriff.


The Office of the Sheriff works in partnership with our diverse community to safeguard the lives, rights and property of the people we serve. With unwavering dedication we provide innovative professional law enforcement services to our community. We accomplish this mission by maintaining our core values while always conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standard.

Police Services

The Orinda Police Department offers a couple of services to the community that have been very useful over the past years.

House Checks

First, we offer vacation house checks for the residents of Orinda. In the event you are away from your home for an extended period of time, you can fill out a House Vacation Check  form to let us know how long you will be away. We will ask:
  • If you have lights on or off or possibly on a timer.
  • How many vehicles will be parked outside and a description of each vehicle.
  • If you have an alarm system and the name of the company.
  • If you have any dogs at the residence.
Once your form is completed, please email it to our Senior Administrative Assistant, Sherri Chavez, at schavez@cityoforinda.org. During the course of an officer's daily assignment, they will locate the property and note observations and address anything out of the ordinary.

Home Audits

Secondly, the Police Department also offers Home Audits wherein an officer will walk with you in and around your home and provide suggestions to help bolster defense against residential burglaries. For either service, please contact that Orinda Police Department to request a vacation house check or home audit.