Vegetation Maintenance

Property Owner Responsibilities

Property owners are responsible for maintaining vegetation, trees, and shrubbery on their property and in the public right-of-way abutting their property as described in the Municipal Code Title 12, Chapter 12.08, Section 08/32/120

The Minimum Clearances and Trimming Requirements required for vegetation, trees and shrubs in the public right-of-way can be found by clicking here.


The Public Works Department conducts inspections and notifies property owners when vegetation is out of compliance with City trimming standards. If property owners do not take corrective action, abatement procedures may be undertaken by the City.

To report vegetation that is out of compliance, contact Public Works at (925) 253-4231 or  email the information.

Public Property

The Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for trimming trees and shrubbery on City-owned parcels along public streets. For questions regarding trimming on City-owned parcels, contact Parks and Recreation at (925) 254-2445.

Tree Removal

Contact the Planning Department at (925) 253-4210 for information on Protected Trees and City requirements prior to removal of any tree to determine the protected status of the tree.

Reference Documents