Fall Soccer

Our biggest sport each year, Fall Soccer is the perfect place for children Pre-K through 6th Grade to start their soccer career. 

League Format/Dates

During the fall, each league practices 1 time per week for 1 hour after-school, with 1 game (1 hour) on Saturdays throughout the season. Season practice and game schedules are released at least two weeks before the season begins each year. Coaches select their team practice time based on field availability. 


Weekly practice locations include-

Del Rey Elementary
Glorietta Elementary
Orinda Intermediate School
Pine Grove Field
Sleepy Hollow Elementary

Game locations include-
Del Rey Elementary
Orinda Intermediate School
Orinda Sports Field
Pine Grove Field


Throughout the season, each team practices once per week for 1 hour in the afternoon. Coaches select a practice day, time, and location from a list of available times provided by OYS. If you need to practice on a particular day or time, it is highly recommended that you form a team with friends. See below for more information on team.

Game Times

Games are generally Saturdays from 8:30am-3:00pm. Depending on the number of teams in a league, each league plays at 1-2 set time frames. 


Teams are formed based on coach roster requests, friend requests, and school locations.