Email Notifications

In an effort to improve city-wide communication, the City has instituted a new email notification program. 

Once you subscribe online you will receive an email validation in your email inbox. Please follow the instructions in the email to confirm your email address was added to the new electronic notification system. 

To subscribe online for City Council meeting notifications and City alerts and updates, visit our Notify Me Page.

Important Privacy Notice

Generally, written communications to City Council members and City staff about the business of the City are public records and may be fully disclosed to anyone on request. This law applies regardless of the format of the message.

A letter or a message sent by email to an individual Council member will be copied and sent to all other Council members for their information unless the message is clearly marked confidential. Communications to other City personnel will be copied for the City Council's information when appropriate.

To send information intended for an individual Council member, you may contact that Council member by mail at the City's offices (see above) or by an email to the Council member's official email address. A City Council member is not required by law to reveal  private information. However, in certain circumstances, correspondence intended to be confidential may nevertheless be subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act.