Adult / Senior Programs & Classes

The City of Orinda strives to offer a variety of enriching experiences for the adults and seniors within this community. For a complete list of all current classes offered please refer to our Activity Guide. Some of the classes and programs that are offered include Special Interest Classes that include watercolor, bridge, computers, dog obedience, film, music, dance, foreign language and more. The City also offers Fitness Activities that engage your mind and body in promoting healthy living. Some of these classes and/or programs may include but are not limited to, Yoga, martial arts and Zumba. 
We also encourage the community to participate in any of the following:

Adult / Senior Workshops: These are informational seminars and workshops geared for adults and seniors that will cover a variety of topics such as community resources, travel, wellness, and more!

Adult / Senior Trips: Join us and explore the Bay Area - and beyond and meet other adventurers like yourself. 

Adult / Senior Sports: If you are interested in playing a sport or you have a team that would like to join an organized recreational league? Please visit our sports page for more information. 

Senior Clubs & Drop-In: These programs will offer you an opportunity to meet new friends while maintaining your physical and psychological self.