Roads & Infrastructure

The City Council has made repairing the City's roads and drains a priority. A 5 phase approach has been developed to fund the repair and maintenance of the City's roads and drainage system. View the Road and Drainage Repairs Plan.

  • Phase 1: Measure L, 1 half cent sales tax (approximately $1 million per year in sales tax revenues will be collected April 2013 through March 2022)
  • Phase 2: Measure J, $20 million general obligation bonds (issued in March 2015)
  • Phase 3: $25 million general obligation bonds approved by voters in June 2016
  • Phase 4: $22 million general obligation bonds tentative date to go before voters June 20xx
  • Phase 5: Undetermined ongoing revenue source to maintain the roads at a PCI of 50 or above
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